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With Twelve Barbers across two Shops, we’re bound to take care of your hair needs.

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I’ve already reviewed their original location, but here’s a quick run-down of their new location.

Gents, want a fresh cut and still want to be able to find parking out in SF? Dogpatch Barbers son!

Chris is the owner, super chill dude. Jan is my go-to, but everybody here has skills. You can try to do a walk-in, but I wouldn’t recommend it, so just book an appointment (it’s 2017 y’all).

They take their time, they do great work, everyone is chill. It’s how a barber shop experience should be. Unless you’re into that walk-ins only bs and rushed to get it done in 45 minutes or less, I’m not.

Nuff said, I’m out.
— Aaron C.
Great experience here! This shop is located in a trendy and upcoming district of San Francisco. I have never had a problem with parking and enjoy checking out restaurants in the area whenever I get my haircut.

Finding a barber is one of the harder tasks when moving to a new area and I am glad to have found one here. Rito has been hooking it up for over a year now and he is very talented. If you’re looking for both quality and consistency with a unique style, hit him up for a cut!
— Jeff K.
Cornelius is the man! I was able to book 2 days in advance, and got an amazing cut! I hadn’t cut my hair in 1.5 years, but Cornelius was up to the challenge. Everyone here is so kind and friendly. Very clean and professional shop. The owner Chris does a great job of making sure everyone feels at home in his shop, and I will be coming back here for all of my haircuts so long as I live in the Bay Area. Highly recommend!
— Alex E.



We strive to provide the best haircuts and strive to give the best experience we can for all of our guests. If you feel that there are some changes that you’d like to make to your haircut, however, come on in within one week after your service, and we’ll take care of it. Fully complimentary. That’s our promise.



About the DPBS

Christopher Cream Eliares, CEO and Barber

As a San Francisco native, when I found the love for Barbering, I knew I wanted to open a Barbershop in SF near where I grew up. I wanted to have a Barbershop that welcomes guests from all walks of life. A relaxing environment, free from judgement. We’ve done just that. Now, my goal is to provide opportunities to the new and upcoming barbers, giving them knowledge to take their careers to the next level, while giving back to our great community of the Dogpatch and San Francisco. Passion for the craft of Barbering is what drives me everyday, and I’m proud to share it with the people around me.