The Dogpatch Barber and Shave

Dogpatch Barber and Shave north

Our newest location is at 2435 3rd St on the ground floor of the American Industrial Center North Building, next to Gilberth's and Dogpatch Wineworks. Your neighborhood Barbershop has expanded to the heart of the Dogpatch. Our newest Shop is designed to not only give back to the Dogpatch Community, but also to the Barber Community by helping the next wave of barbers learn more about our industry, whether it be through hair cutting education or simply learning about the industry itself. Welcome to the new, Dogpatch Barber and Shave North.


Christopher Cream Eliares, ceo/owner

With over 10 years of experience, hometown barber Chris Eliares brings a unique cutting style to the Dogpatch neighborhood. His passion for the art of hair cutting has opened several doors in his career as a barber. His work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company magazine, Urban Ink magazine, and 7x7 magazine, as well as online blogs such as the NFL Network, Bleacher Report, and the Oster Hair Company. Most recently, Chris worked with Kanye West's Yeezy Creative Team for the Barack Obama Democratic National Convention. In 2015, Chris was a part of Season One of the first ever barber competition show hosted by Cedric the Entertainer called Cedric's Barber Battle on the CW. During the 2017 NBA Finals, Chris had the opportunity to work with ESPN Analysts and NBA Legends, Jalen Rose and Paul Pierce. Chris continues to give back to the next wave of barbers as he is a barber educator for the Hattori Hanzo Shear Company, conducting classes throughout the Bay Area. He currently resides in Walnut Creek with his Wife and Three Beautiful Daughters.

**PLEASE NOTE**  Chris is no longer taking any New Clientele at the moment due to his erratic schedule. For all current clientele, please continue with the booking form below. Thank You, and we apologize for the inconvenience.



Jan "The Rebel Rouser" Galang

Not too many people had a Pompadour as bad ass as the one rocked by the Rebel Rouser. The Bad Boy of Foster City brings local flavor to the Dogpatch Barber and Shave. He made a name for himself after gaining a huge following on YouTube with his many hair tutorials. People dubbed him as the Pompadour King. His Pompadour styling videos, as well as his Pomade review videos, have now surpassed the One Million views mark, and opened opportunities such as being a blog writer for the Layrite Pomade Company. Jan has since worked with some of the big Pomade names in our industry such as Layrite, Shiner Gold, Ruezel, Suavecito, and Admiral.



Kerry "Squeaky Blonde" Mcnab

Kerry McNab has just over 10 years experience in the hair and beauty industry. She got her cosmetology license in 2008 and quickly discovered her passion didn't reside in the salon but in the barbershop. Kerry was the first female to attend, graduate and acquire Barber license from the Bay Area Hair institute in South San Francisco where she was born and raised. She has worked in multiple shops around Daly City and San Francisco, staying loyal to her soil and the clients who helped her become the barber she is today. She stays up to date on current trends and techniques by attending classes and industry events as well as having competed in a couple barber battles (not placing, but that's character building 😉). Rest assured, when you sit in Squeakyblondes chair, you will have good conversation, a few laughs and leave with the squeakiest of squeaky fades.


Herb "High-Def Cutz" Hunt

Herb Don was manufactured in East Oakland, CA, the place that played a major role in his growth in terms of creativity, personality, style, and skill set. As a Bay Area native, he has been presented with many opportunities and spaces to further exercise and develop his passions and skills. On that note, he decided to attend the barber program at the Cinta Aveda Institute. During his journey at the Institute, he earned the nickname "High Def". The name is not just to identify the level of the quality of work he produces, but also to remind him of his desire to be the best when it comes to character, as well. Herb is a man of humility, kindness, integrity, and also possesses and overall down to earth type of personality. He always looks for room to improve and looks to achieve the highest quality of excellence both professionally and personally.


Rito "Dr. fresh" Arellano

Began cutting hair at the age of 14, on himself, not knowing he would aspire to become a professional barber. People at school would ask where he got his haircut from, simply replying, "My Self". He developed a reputation around his neighborhood for his precise line-ups, fades and most of all freestyle designs. For the first few years he was cutting in his or others people's bathroom/patio, then decided to build his own barbershop in the corner of his bedroom with a legit barber chair, mirrors, and LED lights. Rito has always worked multiple jobs from supervising after school programs, teaching youth whom suffer from mental health illness, to coaching basketball. 

Now with 12 years experience of barbering he dedicates himself fully to the barber industry by going to hair shows, competing in barber battles, traveling and cutting hair around the world, and cutting hair at charity events. Rito is all about the grind and strives to give back to the community that built him, one head at a time.


Dogpatch Barber and Shave South

The legendary and original location of the Dogpatch Barber and Shave is still ticking 'til this day. Tucked away in the Southern part of Dogpatch, the Barbershop sits on one of the more legendary blocks in San Francisco, alongside 3rd Street Boxing and Hard Knox Cafe. The old school vibe, rough exterior, and colorful personalities, still make it a prime destination for all guests looking to get an amazing haircut, but an even better conversation, laugh and experience by our Veteran barbers. Welcome to the South.


Cornelius "sling Blade" Hankins, manager

Master Barber Cornelius "Sling Blade" Hankins hails from the capitol, Sacramento, CA. The Veteran studied at the legendary Moler Barber College in Oakland, CA, where he mastered the art of the Blade. After a short stint in Oakland, he then took his talents to the famous Barber Lounge in the SOMA district of San Francisco, where he earned his way to Lead Barber. A true barbershop experience is what you'll get with Cornelius; a sharp haircut, a smooth shave, good conversation about any topic, trash talking, and jokes for days. Hence why he is the Draymond Green, the heart and soul of the Dogpatch Barber and Shave.


Vicktor "Shazaam" Stevenson

Born and bred in the Bronx, New York, Vicktor Stevenson possesses the most well rounded skill set in the Shop. He has accumulated private clients that range from barber style haircuts, to blow outs, to extensions. He is a true lover of all things hair, and an artist fueled with inspiration. Passion is clearly expressed with every single detail of hair Vicktor touches. His celebrity clientele have walked the runways of New York Fashion Week and have graced the very big screens we see with our own eyes. He is currently the stylist for Princess Jasmine in the hit Broadway play, Aladdin. In his spare time, Vicktor grinds to launch his new, gourmet brand of Lemonade, Gourmonade. Look out for it soon.


Kameron "The don" Frugoli

Kameron Frugoli has been a professional barber for 10 years now. He first gained his passion for barbering when he use to go to the shop with his grandfather. Watching the barbers cut hair and change up someone's whole day just struck a cord with him. He is constantly striving to merry the traditions of barbering with a contemporary feel. Originally he started his barber career in Los Angeles but came back to his Bay Area roots 4 years ago. In that time he worked at The Barber Lounge and even opened his own mobile barbering company called The Hot Towel. His passion for preserving the originally art of barbering is evident throughout his services. Kameron is thrilled to be in a new neighborhood and join the Dogpatch Barbershop team.